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Build self-awareness through diagnostics and profiling

Undertaking a self-awareness diagnostic provides powerful feedback to help individuals identify their working and thinking styles, where their strengths lie as well as highlighting areas for development.

Diagnostic tools

CPC recommends that at least one diagnostic tool be incorporated into any leadership development program. 

CPC is also a firm believer in the whole of workforce undertaking a self-awareness diagnostic as we believe that massive gains lie in leaders understanding each and every team member. A leader who understands individual preferences can work with their teams to be more agile in their approach to others and business.

CPC utilises a number of mainstream diagnostic tools.

We work with you to identity the best fit diagnostic tool to meet your needs and achieve desired outcomes. 

HBDI®: Herrmann Brain
Dominance Instrument®


MBTI®: Myers-Briggs Type Indicators®




LSI: Life Styles Inventory™


Our team of experienced accredited practitioners can support you to achieve sustainable results utilising various mainstream diagnostics.

Self-awareness diagnostics will be debriefed using the A-A-A Model via a combination of individual and group debrief practices and coaching.

Leader 360s

CPC’s leadervibe™ provides a fresh approach to the traditional 360º feedback where the focus is feed forward and not feedback,


we can design traditional yet bespoke 360º and 180º feedback surveys utilising organisational leadership capability frameworks.

Are you looking for way to increase people’s self-awareness and effectiveness?  Organise a meeting with our team to find out how.

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