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Think Differently about Traditional Practices

We regularly meet executives and senior leaders who are discontented about engagement, productivity and performance. They spend many thousands of dollars every year trying to address the burning issues, yet they don’t seem to yield the results that they are wanting.

Time to Change

The world has transformed and we are now operating within a high transparency environment, amongst constant feedback and rapid continuous change.


It is time for organisations to reshape the traditional practices.

Old Way, New Way

Here’s just six to think about:

1. Employee engagement: should we be asking staff about how they are feeling just once a year via an engagement survey? 

3. Job descriptions with duties and responsibilities: does this really define success?

2. Leader 360° feedback: should this still be a list of pre-determined competencies against which all leaders are rated?

4. Competency frameworks: are they still serving you well or is there a better way?  

5. Employee experience: do you connect in with them regularly or do you simply induct and orientate them? 

6. Performance management: should we still have the individual annual performance review, or should we be looking at something more fluid? 

A Redesign is Required

To operate in a more real-time environment where leaders and organisations can understand and address current issues and development needs, we need to move beyond engagement scores and annual discussions to a complete redesign of how we tackle engagement, productivity and performance.

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