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Building Workforce Capability and Learning

We believe great people make great organisations – and people become great by engaging in continual learning and embracing a positive attitude in all aspects of life.

CPC offers a fresh approach to workforce learning and development.


Whether you are planning to develop your customer facing team members, people in production, your salesforce or those that support employees, we have a learning and development solution.

CPC presents two workforce learning options:

1. 90 minute ‘brainboost’ workouts – over 100 off the shelf programs.

2. Exclusively designed programs of any duration.

90 minute workouts

  • Utilising cutting edge brain-based research CPC offers 90 minute brainboost workouts that are fast, flexible, innovative and very focused.

  • Brainboost workouts create minimal disruption to business productivity and maximise the opportunity for a return on your L&D dollars.


  • Workouts can be delivered any time of the day or night enabling shift workers to also be included.

  • And there are over 100 workouts from which to choose!

Exclusively designed programs

  • Working with organisations to design content specific to the organisation's requirements.

  • Each workshop is individually constructed, with organisational and individual capability in mind.


  • Highly relevant learning experiences that readily translate back into day-to-day role and work environments.

Are you unleashing your people’s potential?

Are your people development strategies building required workforce capability?

Is it time to take a fresh approach?

Organise a meeting with our team to find out how.

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