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Why Now is the Right Time to Listen to Your Employees

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Employee feedback is important no matter what the environment – good, bad or even ugly!

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Right now, we are in very tough times: broad economic impacts; many people feeling

fear and anxiety; uncertainty about employment; juggling competing demands and

greater concern for the wider family and community.

Building trust and credibility is an imperative in the best of times and is an absolute

must in the tough times.

During tough times we frequently see organisations put various ‘non-essential’

activities on the back burner, and this often includes employee surveys.

We hear comments such as, “we are in unusual times”, “it is not going to give us a true

picture of how people feel”, “these results will skew our trending data” and so on.

However, consider the message that is received and the unintended consequences

when you stop asking and stop listening during tough times. Or worse, you don’t even

ask at all.

Three Reasons Why

Three great reasons to survey right now include:

  1. The act of seeking feedback during tough times shows employees that their wellbeing is a priority, that you are listening and that you care.

  2. Employees often have really great ideas about how to navigate challenges and if you don’t ask you may miss some worthy viewpoints.

  3. During uncertain times employees may be feeling more vulnerable and less likely to speak to their leader about what is on their mind or what is worrying them; a survey is another way to listen.

Don’t Spend Thousands of Dollars

Don’t spend thousands of dollars and wasted months on traditional engagement tools

and don’t be misled by fancy graphs, gauges and massive reports with fancy words.

They are not necessary for real change to transpire.

What is necessary for tangible change to transpire is:

  • Keeping it real and alive for all employees

  • Giving managers and their teams regular, easy to read real-time data so they can take action there and then

  • Supporting managers with just-in-time resources

  • A whole of organisation framework for sharing and action in order to lift and shift the results.

In these tough times regularly surveying your employees not only shows you care about their wellbeing – the responses are also a source of indispensable business intelligence that may pave the way forward for a sustainable future.

Don’t wait. Start planning to check-in with your employees today.

teamvibe® is the essential listening tool that you need right now.

It comes with:

  • Amazingly simple dashboards that empower Managers to share data with their team in real time

  • A leadernudge™ aligned to the teamvibe® dashboard sent directly to the

  • Manager’s inbox enabling them to take immediate leadership action

  • Visual resources to display team goals and ambitions

Contact us today for a virtual demo!


m: 0434 580 999

Serina Wright is the Executive General Manager, Leadership and Culture at the Centre for

People and Culture. She has over 20 years of extensive business experience, including Owner and Director of the highly successful company, Insight International Consultancy. Serina has provided consultancy services to many well-recognised Australian companies. She has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.


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